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Architecture Model Sketching

Design & Plan

PH provides design and planning services through experienced design team that can take care whatever you need, making the whole project flows fluently from the beginning to the end.

adu house.jpg

ADU & Addition 

Cities has different regulations regarding residential addition and ADU. PH provides service from applying for a permit through passing inspection, based on the needs of the local regulation.

Suburban Family Home

Whole House Remodel

Our team takes care of everything inside your house from inside out, whether from moving walls or any alternation. All scopes from A-Z, we are all you ever need.


Private Parties


Whether it's just an outlet or the main panel upgrade, it's no joke regarding the scope of the electrical aspect. Safety comes first. PH has the knowledge to design the most appropriate circumstances for your case.



Domestic waterline, lateral sewer replacement, running a gas line, or water heater related; We design the best plumbing system to ensure our work will perform its best potential in the long run.

Air Vent Cleaning


A very professional aspect and can go very wrong if handled by someone who doesn't know what they're doing. Our skilled knowledge avoids the problem and makes the system run at its best efficiency.

Corporate Events
Solar Panels on Roof


Sitting water is what ruins an expensive investment such as roofing.  The detail in flashing and edges is what we are proud to present and look after, delivers a nice roofing work.

Smoothing Concrete


A good solid work which requires years of experience to manage, the higher psi standard, the right layout of rebar, the proper grooming after pour, base rock, sprinkle after water to avoid crack, we are all about the details.

Building a House


Well plumed and leveled framing goes a long way, we play on the safe side and take no chances on the structure aspect so we have a good night's sleep in the bed after we finish your project.

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